The IHC Art Awards provides artists with an intellectual disability the opportunity to have their talent recognised, their voices heard, and to sell their work. First held in 2004, the IHC Art Awards remain an annual highlight as a showcase for the talent and achievements of people with intellectual disabilities. Each year a judging panel selects the Top Artworks and then decides the First, Second, Third and Youth prizes, with the winners each receiving a cash prize. The winners are among thirty artworks eligible to win the L’affare People’s Choice Award, where the public can vote on their favourite paintings from the pieces put forward for the Award.

The Holdsworth Charitable Trust sponsors the IHC Art Awards.

Partnership with Special Gifts

Special Gifts has partnered with the IHC awards to purchase the rights to at least one artist’s work that we transfer onto a tote bag. In 2022, we selected Deanna Morgan’s Art Piece “Dreams on Dreaming”. Deanna’s art was popular at the IHC art awards in 2022. You can see Deanna working on her artwork on this page. Deanna also said this about her work:

“The reason why I made the person on the bed grey is that I believed that when someone is so creative as me, I don’t show my colours to anyone that’s on the outside as I feel shy or embarrassed with others, but in the inside, I am so colourful and full of sad and joy and lots of vibes. The painting also tells you no matter how you’re dreaming, whether in the mornings, the evenings or night time, dreaming something that you just did is about the wonder and vision random but wonderful in the dream.”

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