AIM has created a collective called Aroha te Ao (Love the world). It is a social enterprise, a business for purpose and not for profit. Our purpose is to enable intellectually disabled people to participate and contribute to the community, which in turn enhances wellbeing and a sense of belonging. Through Aroha te Ao we celebrate community inclusion, diversity and participation for all. 

By creating awesome, handcrafted products and selling them we create opportunities. The opportunity to meet people, the opportunity to show off our skills, the opportunity to build relationships and friendships. The opportunity to share who we are. Aroha te Ao is based in Warkworth, North Auckland. 

Partnership with Special Gifts

We met the team at AIM through a mutual connection – Flourish Cafe. Special Gifts are excited to have the team on board, especially their amazing bee’s wax wraps, which you will find in our upcoming Entertainers box. 

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