Ben started his business with the help of his family in 2024. He hand-pours all his candles, packages them up, and delivers them to his customers. 

He is a regular at the Oamaru farmers market and has found himself a loyal local following among the people of Oamaru and their businesses. He has even been featured in the local paper!

While he appreciates this support, he has aspirations to see his candles, which come in 5 scents (Caramel and Vanilla, Green Apple,  Coconut and Lime, Vanilla Pod, Coconut) all over New Zealand.

Partnership with Special Gifts

We heard about Brightlights by Ben through Katrina’s mum, as she lives in the same town as Ben. Having talked with Ben and his support team, we can see that he is keen to see his candles go nationwide and we are keen to help him. You will find Ben’s candles in our deluxe boxes. 

Popular Gift Boxes That May Contain Bright Lights by Ben

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