When we were approached by Victoria Burney from the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland to provide a cost-effective Koha box for their guest speakers, we knew we were up to the challenge. However, when she told us more about who the speakers were and why she had chosen Special Gifts, we knew these speakers deserved the best quality gift box.


The Koha boxes would be gifted to parents of disabled children who were coming to speak to the students about their experience supporting their family members. Victoria had chosen Special Gifts because she thought the recipients would “appreciate them – both the physical treats and the ethos behind Special Gifts”. It was important to her, just like us, that we do more than just talk about the valuable place disabled people have in our society.

It felt great to give a Special Gift Box to our guest speakers - the boxes were beautifully presented and the mission to promote inclusion and financial freedom for disabled people equally so.

overhead shot of the mini hift box which contains from a white chocolate wildness bar, a bentley and hart rose diffuser that is presented both in and out of its box, a change maker ginger beer, and a laura's soap bath bomb.

Although Special Gifts has curated gift boxes that range in price from $50 to $200, we are also happy to create a box that is specifically designed for the person making the request. For Victoria, we created Koha boxes for $50.

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