The Mutes (from Mars) is a unique professional rock band that draws on the creativity and passion of a group of incredible musicians, writers and performers with a range of social and learning disabilities, the challenges of which have not limited the possibilities and talent of six excellent rockers.

The Mutes members are committed to their musical vision of bridging the gaps in society’s understanding and perceptions of people who have been marginalised in our community and making and performing great music.

The band members approach their music with great passion and skill with a commitment to overcoming the challenges their life situation throws up and to create music that can foot if alongside their musical peers in the rock music community.

You can check out The Mutes’ work in the video below.

Partnership with Special Gifts

Special Gifts are excited to use some of the original compositions from The Mutes for Mars in many of their social media content. Having heard them perform live, Katrina and Suzanne can recommend them as the band for your next event.

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