Mikkie’s Alpine Tea is based in Hanmer Springs. It was created for Mikkie, who has special needs, by her Mum to give Mikkie employment after her school years. Mikkie helps her mum pick and dry the herbs that make up the tea. The herbs are all selected because of their health benefits and make for a delicious tea. 

Mikkie also makes individualised beads for each tea sack. These beads make the tea look good and help keep it fresh, but it also allows Mikkie to practise and strengthen her fine motor skills.  

Partnership with Special Gifts

Katrina and Suzanne were told about Mikkie via a friend who had purchased from her during the 2020 lockdown. The quality of Mikkie’s tea sold them on having Mikkie’s tea feature in our morning and afternoon tea boxes, along with many of our other gift boxes. 

Popular Gift Boxes That May Contain Mikkie's Alpine Tea

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