A collective of nine people with different abilities and Stacey Fraser.co (cosmetic chemist) have brought to life beautiful plant-based sensory products for your enjoyment. They are based in Christchurch and sell their products at local Markets or in our online shop.

Each team member has an important part to play in the process and participates differently. 

Check out what they have to say:

Amanda loves all the measuring, mixing & pouring. She helps with the labels & polishing the containers so they look perfect. Her favourite product is the Wonderous Balm.

Sarah loves the scents & likes to put the petals & flowers in the bottles.

Jared loves the process of measuring out ingredients & says they smell beautiful. He thinks selling at the market is wonderful & amazing. He also likes the coffee he can buy at the market because it’s so good. He thinks his favourite product is Bath Oil.

Karyn likes the nice smell & look of our products. Her favourite is Bath & Body Oil.

Kate helps now & again & loves helping to fill the containers too.

Cam likes to mix the ingredients & helps with every part of the process. His laughter has us all laughing while we’re busy working.

Alicia loves the social side of making B&B with her friends. She likes lip balm best. She enjoys mixing the ingredients & labelling.

Jessica is great at filling the containers & also loves the social side of things.

Rebecca loves every part of the process.

Partnership with Special Gifts

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. We discovered this awesome company through Danette from IHC art awards. When we talked with the team, they considered closing the operation as they could not sell their products at markets due to covid-19. We were excited to have their products in several of our gift boxes, including their unique Christmas room spray, to help increase their sales. 

Popular Gift Boxes That May Contain Beauty and Bloom Products

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